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Proper promotion can result in lost sales!
From Deb at FutureQuest on 24 Jan '99
Hey all,

I used to post here often, but have not been able to in the past month or two and wanted to share some of the reasons.

I started off on these forums looking for the "hints & tips" with promotion and received more then I bargained for here :)

The result of the advice found on this web site, tools offered by Jim, and personal advice given by Max (not to mention actually paying attention and following through!) is that we had to shut down our order form this week! That's how busy we were!! Promotion suddenly became expensive :)

It took a couple of months for us to establish ourselves where we needed to be... easy to become frustrated and stressed when you are not seeing the results of your labor.... but I learned that through it all, if you are doing things correctly you may need to simply, hang on to patience. Give everything a chance to shine through and take its course.

The number one promotional tool we had, and continue to hold on to, was not search engines, nor free stuff, nor anything of that sort at all. The number one promotional tool we have is word-of-mouth!

Take care of your first customer -- they will tell one more person! Take care of EVERY customer and you will have more then you know what to do with!

Don't send "Hey I want to sell you something" emails... send "Hi how are you emails"!

Many come here looking for the magic key to YAHOO!, and yes it is important to get yourself into those search engines... but do not allow your focus on search engines to detour your eyes/brain from the other superb advise to be found here! There is just so much more to it, and all of it is here.. so make sure you are seeing the whole picture and not just the "ranking in altavista" :)

The main reason I am sending this email is to say "Thanks Deadlock and all that helped me out a while back"


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