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Re: Bilingual pages and meta tags.
From Chris and Yuko on 7 Jan '01
replying to Bilingual pages and meta tags. posted by Tim Janes

>I need to find out how to set up a bilingual site using metas etc.
>The site is in both Japanese and English. How do I go about letting people of both languages find the site using search engines? I now have a cover page which is nearly all graphic I am aware that this is a bad situation. I also need some advice on how to set up this. I want the viewer to be able to directly access the page in the choice of languages. If anyone out there has some advice I would be most indebted to you.

The way I would have personally set up the site would be in two directories instead of lumped in the same folder: - base directory for English speaking customers (submit that only to the English Search engines): (Submit that only to the Japanese Search Engines. Both URLS will lead to the main page of the corresponding language.

The problem I see with having all the pages in your base directory (ie all in the same folder) is that deep search engines might list all your pages, making it a little confusing for a Nihonjin to find an English page from your site that may not be the main page and ditto for an English speaker finding a Japanese page.

It'll work out better the way I mentioned earlier as many Japanese search engines wont index english pages anyway.

BTW, how did you write the Japanese text? I have a program called "Unitype" that allows me to type Japanese, but certain versions of Netscape don't support it.

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