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Re: multi lingual
From Andrew on 9 Jan '01
replying to multi lingual posted by Ron

using Japanese as an example, the characters they use are a particular font. Your page would have to specify THAT font (as well as them having the font on their computer). Some characters in other languages (like Spanish) can be done with ACII. Altavista has an on-line translator at You can see if it will translat your site for you. Be warned though, the translation is pretty bad. Although it can be mostly understood by who reading it (I've got a few employees that speek some of the languages it translates into and they laughed, but pretty much understood it). One other thing (the reason we haven't translated our site), you'll be getting e-mail in the language the site is written in :-)...... and be expected to answer in the same language (I've had some emails go back and forth in spanish and portaguise... using the translator on my end. It works, sort of, but it takes ten time longer).

As far as "is it worth it"? Depends. There are some stats around reguarding buying habbits base on language spoken. As I remember, 90+% of internet buyers speak english (HOWEVER you can make one hell of an impression having your site in their native language). The other thing to consider is shipping costs (if your selling a tangable item). Unless you have something unique, it's doubtful someone will pay 50% to 100% more to have it shipped to them.

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