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Re: multi lingual
From Nicholas on 10 Jan '01
replying to multi lingual posted by Ron

>I am thinking about doing my site in a number of different languages.
>But I have a question. If someone try's to pull up a site and it is only in english will their browser in, lets say Japan read it in Japanese even though I have only put it in english or does my site have to be in Japanese to be seen by japanese veiwers?
>Or any other language for that matter I just used Japanese as an example.
>Does anyone know what sort of results to expect when doing a site in a different language? Is it worth it?

Most (or all?) Japanese will have the ASCII characters from 32-127 on their machine, and the browser will be set to call those characters. Beyond that, it's a Unicode nightmare.

However Andrew's point is key: advertise in a language, and you're expected to converse in that language.

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