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Re: Dynamic link
From David A on 29 Jan '01
replying to Re: Dynamic link posted by Gigi

>>>We are trying to revamp our site at the moment. One very important issue we need to make sure is our site and all the pages will be able to be indexed by the search engines. A static web site will be index by the search engine for sure (I have tested a few, please correct me if I am wrong).
>>>So, can dynamic pages index by the search engines? some people say that as long as it has unique URL it should be able to be index; some other say most of the search engines will skip the dynamic link (the link with question mark or so).
>>>Please help. Thanks in advance.
>>Dynamic urls which contain *,?,cgi-bin,etc. WON'T be indexed.
>So if I want to be sure that my website to be indexed, then it HAS to be a static website? Is there other solution to get around it?
>I found it very nice to use a Content Management Systems to update the website's content. However, it seems to me that a CMS only work best with a dynamic website.

Many cgi scripts and ASP applications can be written to dump out a static html.
Another popular approach is to just make a static copy of your dynamic content updated daily, weekly, whatever.

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