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cgi's,back doors and re-direction
From will at on 1 Feb '01
First, let me say that there is a very useful board! There are many useful postings here.

I have a question now and I think I have the answer but I would like consensus on so that I don't waste time. As the chinese say "Grasshopper, no use running if you are on the wrong road." I have been on the wrong road so many times with my site and the shopping cart, credit card processors,etc that now I am gun shy.

From scanning the archives, I see that my website has the dreaded CGI and ? urls.

I have generated some "back door" (I think that is the name) pages starting at

I submitted this and only this URL to a few search engines.

My question(s)
1) Should I submit my CGI page urls?
2) Should I submit my main .com page that has a


3) Should I avoid the Refresh tag above?
4) If each page on the site has the same metatag KEYWORDS, is there a problem?
5) should I use the <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="INDEX,NO FOLLOW"> on the CGI pages?

Thanks in advance.

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