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From JWJ on 8 Feb '01
The company I work for is building an online shopping site for our product. They don't know much about search engine issues. I am somewhat low on the totem pole for saying *hey, this is important* and only have *vague* notions of what will wreck a site for search engine indexing. I know the basic meta & text rules but these OTHER issues have me worried.

All I can say to the one guy in the company who passionately wants to have our first page be a flash animation is, "that supposedly will wreck the indexing." This statement doesn't sway him.

The contractor guy that will be building the site told us that he will be using ASP and now I'm freaking out because it doesn't sound like HTML and I don't know if the meta tags are going to be there or if any of the text is going to be there or what. And you guys seem to be talking about ASP and Question Marks and saying scary things that I don't understand. The way the guy explained this ASP thing that we are doing is that it's like frames but it's not frames.

I read from your archives but things change so fast in this intustry... What is the latest wisdom on these issues?

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