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Re: META tag - expires
From jon on 25 Jan '99
replying to Re: META tag - expires posted by Jim

>>I've put META HTTP-EQUIV="expires" tags with an old date in the top
>>of some pages which contain information which is regularly updated,
>>so that browsers look for the new version of the page.
>>Will this make search engines ignore these pages, thinking that they
>>are out of date?
>>(If so, does anyone know if there is a better way to ensure a browser
>>will look for the latest version of the page and not open the cached
>Take a look at the top of the main list page here and you'll notice
>I've used
>This seems to work with Netscape 4 and I believe it's the most reliable
>method, although it certainly doesn't work with ALL browsers.
>There's no sure-fire way of doing it.
>You've put this post is in the Robots section, but you're not talking
>about robots, just browsers, right?


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