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The Long Skinny from Ricky Higgs
From Richard Bolduc at DISCOVER the TRUTH About Search Engines. Over 250 Front Page Placements Acheived using only 5 indices. Results Shown Here on 9 March '01
replying to Poor Man's Webposition Gold (completely freeware) posted by Richard Bolduc

Here is some positive Feedback I recieved from posting to another board. I wanted to share it with you all. Ricky Higgs is a Savvy Internet Marketer, Author, and forum moderator. I respect his opinion.

>Hi Richard,

I've been using it since August 2000 and it is excellent.

It's a search engine position analyzer and a lot more!

I highly recommend you download it and try it out today. It’s one of the best
Web site “toolkits” and position analyzers I’ve tried that’s currently on
offer. Once you’ve played around with it for awhile, it soon will become an
indispensable aid in finding important information about your Web site as well
as how you rank with the major Search Engines.

Here are some of its features;

- After selecting from a comprehensive list of 23 of the major Search engines,
it allows you to enter as many “keywords or key phrases” you like for your web
site, then it goes off and checks your sites ranking on each keyword for the
Search Engines you’ve selected.

- It can spider your pages and return the name of every image and element on
each page giving you the Kb size of each, and the total download time at a
given modem speed. This allows you to fine tune your Web site for faster

- Want to know the most popular keywords for your website?
The software can analyze the keyword frequencies of the top words (excluding
HTML tags) on a URL and compare it to a second URL to compare word frequencies
of a separate page.

- Link to Free online tools you use when building, maintaining, promoting,
improving your site.

- Checks your HTML code for errors, and for broken links

- Submit your Website to search engines, inspect your web site, Create Meta
Tags, Find out who links to you, Analyze graphics efficiency, search the
search engines, 3D text Maker...The list of tools keeps on growing!

Warmest Regards & $uccess

Ricky Higgs

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> To Your Prosperity
> Richard Bolduc

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