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Re: Margins
From Jim Perry at Cycleve on 16 March '01
replying to Re: Margins posted by David A

Agreed about search engine placement and everything else. I would add one more reason and this has to do with readability.

If the text runs from one side of the monitor to the other, the lines can get awfully long. Generally, about 12 words per line is good, anything more is stretching it a bit.

The solution is to put your stuff in columns (which I personally don't like on the web in contrast to a print publication) or to narrow the whole page with a TABLE of fixed width. The TABLE should then be centered on the screen.

For an example of too wide lines, go to the page which I have referenced above. It is not really my home page, but I have been working with Cycleve the past few months. Page layout is a problem because of the full width of the monitor text. Best example: call up the English language page, then "My Experiences". Too wide!

Jim Perry

>>Why does a "good" website have to alter their margins to bring the text and graphics in closer to the center? Does this improve placement in some way?
>The standard monitor resolution people have is 800x600. The minimum anybody has is 640x480. Some webdesigners still target the 640x480. If your monitor is 1024x768 you will notice the effect more. What effect? Well if you design your page for 640x480 and you shove it to the left or right it leaves alot of blank space on the opposite side. By centering the content of the page you will only have a little blank space to either side. The optimum design would be one that scales to fit most of the screen regardless of resolution. Although this is not always easy.
>It does not improve placement at all.

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