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Re: Search Engines
From Jim Perry on 17 March '01
replying to Search Engines posted by Bill Nelson

Sorry to come back on again especially after such a lengthy initial reply, but I thought I would pass along the only absolutely sure fire piece of marketing advice I have ever heard.

This came ffrom my borther who is a political consultant and has managed several statewide political campaigns, including for Governor of the state (Washington) and U.S. Senate.

His marketing advice (which applies to marketing web sites as well):

"The only rule in marketing is 'try something - if that doesn't work, try something else!'"

There you have it. If you are having problems with listings, keep experimenting.

Jim Perry

>OK. So I know nothing about getting in the search engines.
>I add my URL to all of them. Never see it listed.
>I have done altavista,,, nbci, lycos, hotbot etc
>This is crazy. Do they ever list anyone? Or do they have enough already? I don't have $200 for looksmart and get stuck on page 6 or higher.
>What is the average number of pages someone will look at when they do a search? Anyone know? I look at two or three pages. I told the people at looksmart that I would pay if I was listed in the first three pages. Someone named Karen wrote back that they don't guarantee where it will be listed. I guess they only guarantee to take your money.
>If the internet is for information why do I have to pay someone just to get listed? Do they have insiders helping them? Am I the only one who is disgusted?

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