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Re: Frontpage 2000 work arounds?
From Andrew a different one on 19 March '01
replying to Re: Frontpage 2000 work arounds? posted by andrew

I started using front page around 3 years ago. And though I still use it for somethings, I ALWAYS go into the HTML in a text editor and "fix" it. One of the things it USED to do (don't know if it still does as I use an older version), is that it mixed up the meta tags and title tag. It put the title tag BELOW the meta tags, and THAT lowered many SE ratings.

Almost anyone in this business, that doen't try to cheat and play games with the SE's will tell you, well formatted, pure HTML is whats going to not only help with your SE placement, but also keep you in consistant placements. Almost all WYSIWYG programs make a mess, a total mess, out of the formatting... as well as add lots of formatting you don't need.

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