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Re: Search Engines
From Bill Nelson on 20 March '01
replying to Search Engines posted by Bill Nelson

To those who replied, thanks.
I guess none of us know anything for sure.

Instead of messing around I guess I will put an ad
in a few ezines.

So far my listing appeared in NBCI directory and three days later
it was buried on page 6. By now it is probably on page 150.
It also appears in that cost me a dollar to list.
Small engine but better than big ones that never list you.
Looked at and saw that the jerks listed there are paying
up to $3.60 per clickthru.
So I ran up their bills a little. Not to be mean but to see what their
angle is that makes them afford it. Another waste of time. My conclusion is that they are just stupid.

>OK. So I know nothing about getting in the search engines.
>I add my URL to all of them. Never see it listed.
>I have done altavista,,, nbci, lycos, hotbot etc
>This is crazy. Do they ever list anyone? Or do they have enough already? I don't have $200 for looksmart and get stuck on page 6 or higher.
>What is the average number of pages someone will look at when they do a search? Anyone know? I look at two or three pages. I told the people at looksmart that I would pay if I was listed in the first three pages. Someone named Karen wrote back that they don't guarantee where it will be listed. I guess they only guarantee to take your money.
>If the internet is for information why do I have to pay someone just to get listed? Do they have insiders helping them? Am I the only one who is disgusted?

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