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Re: Frontpage 2000 work arounds?
From Lana at How to Arrange Flowers on 24 March '01
replying to Frontpage 2000 work arounds? posted by Andrew

>I have been using Front Page for a year and have three CD,s for sale on three different sites. I somehow managed to get on the first page with all three sites under several different subject labels. I'm on the first page on 5-6 engines and directories. I don't think the program matters at all. I think directories all want content rich sites and that consumers want something different and unique. Front Page 2000 is just a tool. I try to keep it simple, clear, and clean because that is what I want when I go looking for information.

I've been reading about Frontpage 2000 since I posted that last message. I can see the pros of going with a more raw html instead of WYSIWYG. I've seen a ton of negative feedback about Frontpage 98 but mostly praises about 2000 and its revisions. Is there maybe a way to work with frontpage 2000 or is it in your opinion, junk? I did get listed with Yahoo. I have a number 16 placement in my area. Aol ranked me fairly well, 36. Lycos, Northernlight and Altavista still have me way down there. I haven't been submitting anymore. I did it four months ago and no more. I'm four months old and waiting on these other engines to index me. I'm averaging 500 unique visitors a day. What I'm getting at is do you think the engines are maybe ranking Frontpage 2000 a little better these days or do I need to stop kidding myself and get a real html designer? Thanks for the comments guys and gals. It's good to get some feedback.

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