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Re: domain name and indexing
From David A on 30 March '01
replying to Re: domain name and indexing posted by T J Daniels

>>We are having a heck of a time coming up with a domain name. Our company has a confounding name, "Photri". It's a photo agency. All the viable .com names are gone so we have to put the (hard to memorize) company name in the domain name. Question is, if we put the word "photo" or "photos" in the domain name itself, does this help with search engines? --as in ""
>>Also, my supervisor seems to think that the word "Photri" in the domain name will be of value since it has the same "root" as the word "photo". Are there ANY search engines that are programmed this way or is my supervisor wrong on this?
>I'd go with photos-photri That way whenever someone types 'photos OR photo' in the engines, you have a better chance. 'photri' is PHOTRI. I have a poetry site and most of the good names were gone, so I chose poetry as the first word in my URL. I also use a - to separate tjdaniels, my pseudonym. Hope this info is of some help. TJ

Actually I'd go with It's unique and unique is usually easier to remember. Look at Yahoo. Who has a hard time remembering Yahoo? And really photri-photos is harder to remember and type than just photri. Also (not that this would happen) but if you go with photri-photos you leave yourself open to have taken by some other company (example: Photri Car Rentals). The small gains this might make in the search engines isn't woth it. Once you get the name you can always add a sub-domain and get your search engine points.

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