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Diversion gives two titles
From Roy Davies on 14 April '01
I created a Website for a customer at I call this the base site

This is hosted on a site using eShowcase software templates.

I used Uk2 to get a domain name and purchased cloaked redirection to the base site
The domain name is I call this the domain site although of course it is the same as the base site.

However if I log on to the domain siteand look at the source code I see that it is a frames page and also there are two TITLES. You can see this for yourself if you call up

I understand firstly that two TITLES on a page can cause a problem with search engines and secondly a frame page should be avoided (this is in your FAQs).

The answer seems to be submit the BASE SITE only to search engines but the snag with that is a potential customer will only get the base site name up in the title bar etc so that is all he will bookmark. The domain name is of course OK for the side of the customers van etc.

Can you comment and what would you submit to search engines?



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