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Re: getting indexed
From John at ham radio directory on 19 April '01
replying to Re: getting indexed posted by Dale

My question would be how do you get indexed so fast? Meta-Tags ? Thanks usually takes a while to get my pages to show up in google. Just cant get them to show up in other search engines.
Aparently I am doing something wrong , but what?
My site has been uip for about 4 months or so.
I checked alta vista last night and it had indexed A page I just uploaded 3 days ago! It is one of only a few that alta vista has indexed. Whats even stranger is I didnt even submit it to any engine. Not much use though cause it is ranked low. I thought alta vista didnt crawl pages any more.

>>My site does not get indexed with most search engines except google, which gives me great ranking. Seems I can throw up any page and get A top rank with google
>>I finally got indexed on alta vista but only a couple of pages and ranking is very low.
>>I have many links to my site and some sites linked to me with my free domain I had before I got my own and some use the www prefix and some don't. This free domain name still works but could the engines think that I'm trying to trick them with two domains?
>>I wrote a robots text file to try and block the old domain( but could that be blocking my entire site?
>>Should I submit every page seperately or will most crawl my entire site from my index page?
>>One more thing, I understand that links to A page will help its ranking but, will links to one page help the ranking of another page on the same site?
>>I appoligise for asking so many questions in one post
>>Thanks, John

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