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Viewing websites as pop ups---On a deadline!
From tRuba at Where's Austraila? on 23 April '01
I know this doesn't really belong in this catagorie but it seemed to be the only one that was even running, and I need quick help! My sister is taking a class in html's and she has to make an impressive website. She wants it to appear in a pop up window. I listed a site that is not mine but is exactly what my sis wants to do with her site. (if you go to the sample site I listed, sroll down and lick the picture to enter). Anyways, I know there is an HTML way to do it, and a javascript way. We want to do it the html way. Someone was kind enough to give me the html code to do so but it didn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated. Email: thankyou.

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