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Here is what SearchEngineWatch recommends...
From Milana at 65 Little Known Web Design Tips and Techniques... on 30 April '01
replying to Keywords in meta tags posted by Laurel

Laurel, the above web site is devoted just to issues like you are asking about. I have also read about things like this in several newsletter specializing in SE submissions. Here is what I learned.

Use as few keywords/keyphrases as possible per page. If needed, create several pages and focus them on different words.

My has these META tags:

<META name="keywords" content="build a web site, start a web site, make a web site, make a web page, start your own web site, design a site, Netscape Composer interactive tutorial">

<META name="description" content="Why pay thousands to a web designer when you can do it yourself and get better results. Build your first web site in just a few days and gain a total control over your revenue.">

You can see I focused this page on "web site" but put it in different combinations of keywords. While some might say Search Engines could think it's spamming, I have never had a problem listing my site.

Notice that the keywords that you choose for your META tags must also be present in the main body of your site - otherwise, it is definitely spamming.

Hope this clarifies it for you :-)

Milana Nastetskaya
"65 Instant Web Design Answers"

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