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Re: URL redirecting
From Jim on 3 Feb '99
replying to Re: URL redirecting posted by Henri

>The problem is that I'm going to change my homepage address.
>Until now I didn't have my own domain name but now I have to
>redirect my visitors to the new domain. Of course I'll submit
> but old pages width keywords should generate
>additional traffic. And question is how to do it without using
>refreshing meta tag and javascript redirection.

If you intend to leave the page there, you should still make sure that
it'll be well-indexed the next time the robot visits. It'll be a gateway
page in effect.

So, what I would suggest is:

Option 1: leave it the way it is but change all the links to point to
pages at your new URL.

Option 2: make it an enhanced gateway page ie. make it a 'welcome message'
(including plenty of keywords, of course) and again, make all links
point to the new site.

Option 3: this is the one I recommend - MOVE ON.
Put in a META REFESH as you originally planned to do. Your
listings for that page will gradually disappear, but do you really
care? Do you want people arriving at you old URL for ever more?
Most people would be glad to see the back of their old URL once they
have a shiny new domain name.

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