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Re: Here is what SearchEngineWatch recommends...
From Inachu at Inachu on 2 May '01
replying to Re: Here is what SearchEngineWatch recommends... posted by Andrew

I agree and try to let the website experience a REAL GROWTH potential
as the site matures keywords are added and taken away as the site gets more focused.

As you can see from years ago(some of my first postings here) when I first got into the search engine game.

I also maxed out the meta tags and learned it more or less kept me out of the
SE's all together!


>It's late, I'm board, heck I'll go out on a limb.....
>Milana, I greatly disagree. Your keywords repeat too many times and your description is too long. Being banned for gross spam, and being listed lower for slight spam are two very different things
>I do however agree to and swear by the following!
>>Use as few keywords/keyphrases as possible per page. If needed, create several pages and focus them on different words.

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