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Re: What happens if I change my meta tags after getting indexed?
From Greg B at on 16 May '01
replying to Re: What happens if I change my meta tags after getting indexed? posted by Hope

>>Changing a Title after being indexed will give people a 404 error.
>Changing a title after being indexed will NOT give people a 404 error. You will get a 404 error if you change the name of the page (index.html to default.html).

I don't want to nitpick here, but sorry Hope, this is not the best example - default.html and index.html are the default files that are called when a file name is not specified in a URL. For example if you access, our default.htm file is called. If I changed the name to index.htm, accessing again will return the correct page. So if the SE has indexed the page at the directory level, interchanging index.htm and default.htm has no effect.

Hope's point was that if you change a specific file name (e.g. to a 404 will be returned. She is correct. A 404 is a "File Not Found" error and has nothing to do with page titles. Hope is also correct in that your HotBot listings will only change after its spider reindexes your newly published site.

Also, are you sure you're listed in Yahoo!? Often times people are fooled into thinking they are listed in Yahoo! when they are actually only listed in Google (Yahoo! uses Google as secondary seach results). Note that Google is a spider-based SE and your listing there may change upon re-indexing. Hope this helps.

Greg B, Webmaster LLC
"We Help People Shop"

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