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Re: Visual Search Engines
From Jake on 11 June '01
replying to Visual Search Engines posted by Jake

Dale -

Hey Dale. Thanks for the URL. Unfortuately, that article was written
3 1/2 years ago. The only relevant link there I could find
is the altavista image search, which I checked out.

Get this: first of all, the family has to be set to "off" for
it to work. Then, after you do th initial keyword search, you're
lucky if 1% of the resultant images have the special "similar"
feature underneath. When you do click "similar" it lets you do
the visual search. But I wasn't that impressed. It Doesn't
really seem to match on anything but some really crude color

The article I referred to was posted just last week, so I'm assuming
some advances have been made, and I'm eager to get my fingers clicking
on something lik this.

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