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Re: READ THIS ALSO! Re: NEED opinion on sites that submit you to search engines
From trespasser at Shipping and Packaging Supplies Wholesale on 25 June '01
replying to Re: READ THIS ALSO! Re: NEED opinion on sites that submit you to search engines posted by SD

>>OPPS! That is trafficmagnet.NET!
>>>We received an email ad from a site called that charges $9 something a month to submit the site to "300,000" search engines. I didn't think there were that many, but that is what they claim. Has any one ever used such a service and are they worth that fee?
>>>We do have a lot of major listings, but wonder if this will really bring any extra traffic.
>>>Any one have the time also to critique our site, including meta tags and site layout, etc.
>I don't know exactly what you should do but the 300,000 'search engines' is not for real. There aren't even 300,000 search engines, when sites claim to submit you to thousands of search engines, be careful because you haven't even setup an account with them and they're already lying to you. Most of that 300,000 is probably link pages where you can post your link for free. I've tried submitting to one was for free and claimed to submit to 1000s of free link pages, I made the mistake of inserting my real email address and was bombarded with hundreds of emails so it was legit so you never know. I do know that the results from that service was minimal. Maybe a few visiters from random link pages. The results seem to really depend on what you're offering so take this for what you may. For major search engines it's best to learn the tricks of the trade and do it yourself. You can't afford to mess up with them. Check out

I know nothing about that company, so I will not comment about it specifically. However, in general, I completely agree with this poster, most of these programs do almost nothing for you except get you junk mail. I also would like to add that as a webmaster who runs a few directory sites, I sometimes find that my little directories are among those thousands of sites to which they submit your site. I happily ignore those submissions every single day, because those sites have nothing to do with my niche directories. I just send my standard rejection with ads attached. I figure if a webmaster cannot be bothered to come to my site and submit appropriate content to an appropriate category, I cannot be bothered to send that webmaster traffic. I do not mean to be harsh, but to show you a way to increase the likelihood of these thousands of sites adding you. Visit the directories, manually submit, and make sure your description shows the directory webmaster how your site is relavent rather than turning a spam-machine loose on the site. Otherwise, you might get submitted to a lot of sites, but most of those sites blow off your submission. So, I guess their sales pitch is in semantics, you DO get submitted technically, but you do not, in fact, see much benefit.

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