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Re: What happened to Google?
From john latino on 1 July '01
replying to Re: What happened to Google? posted by David A

>>>Until very recently, French Accents' page (at:
>>> ) ranked extremely well (including quite a
>>>few #1 rankings) on Google for a wide variety of appropriate keywords
>>>and phrases. Yesterday, I noticed that we were nowhere in sight. We
>>>did appear (several pages from the top!) in response to a direct
>>>search for the business name, so I know we weren't completely dropped
>>>from the index.
>>>Has anyone else noticed the same thing? Has Google radically changed
>>>their ranking scheme? If so, how? Inquiring minds want to know!
>>>Thank you in advance for your insight!
>>My listings are intact (fingers crossed, knocking on wood).
>>Maybe you had an editor change.
>Scratch the editor comment. Duh brain spaz.

What has happened to Google Search Engine. It is no longer accessible?
Google was an excellent Search Engine.

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