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PHP scalability
From jimm on 4 July '01
replying to Re: PHP vs ASP posted by Abhijit Tambe


PHP is quite scalable, usually only limited to what your webserver/webhost can handle. PHP under Apache WebServer has been known to be *very* stable, and thousands of servers are using it in combination with a MySQL database engine, creating a very nice solution. I know of some sites that have handled over 10,000 users without trouble.

As with all webserver transactions, the more people on the webserver, the slower transactions become. PHP is generally not the problem unless the code is badly written. Most often some type of webserver "tuning" or optimization needs to be done to insure that transactions are processed quickly. In the Apache world, usually this can be done by changing the rate of parent/child process spawning in the webserver(each process serves a transaction - sort of like creating a miniature webserver for the life of the transaction (mostly a few seconds). It all depends on the setup.

>Dear Bhuvnesh,
>Can you explain me about the scalability of PHP ?
>Can 10,000 users work simultanuously on the site which is developed in PHP ?
>For 10,000 trasaction if speed goes down and some user get their job done within say 0.1 sec. and other may be in say 3 sec. is PHP responsible for this delay or the server ?
>Waiting for your reply.
>Thanking you,
>(Please ignore spelling & gramatic mistakes).

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