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From David A on 13 July '01
replying to FRAMES!!! posted by Jason

>Attention Everyone!!!
> Please tell Dale the downfalls of frames. He seems to have been mislead, and a three day listing on Yahoo...hmm. Please read below and let him know how things usually work. Thank you.

Alright I have some free time.
1. A 3 day Yahoo listing...Nope! Most likely you are listed in Google. Google results are displayed after Yahoo results are finished.

2. Frames...frames are bad. Some SEs are begining to be able to read frames however it's still not wise to use them, here's why.

Lets say you have a site with 2 frames a left side 'navigation' frame and a right side 'main' frame. Even if the search engine can read frames correctly then it will only list your index page. So you have 1 listing possible (this is bad). If the SE can't read frames then either you don't get listed at all (this is bad) or it lists the individual pages it finds (this is bad). Why is this bad? You don't want people to show up on your site through a 'main' page because they will not have access to the 'navigation' page. How will they get around?

Remember getting listed is only part of the battle you need to be able to compete with other sites once you'r listed. A framed site will not be able to compete with non-framed sites.

Not using frames will allow ALL your pages a chance to be listed and no matter which page people use to get to your site they will be able to get around.

If you don't use frames all SEs can read your pages. Trust me if you are going to try to do any kind of SE ranking stuff there will be plenty of confusion and headaches without having to worry about frames.

There is very little if anything that frames can do that can't be done with SSI, PHP or ASP, which are all search engine friendly.

During the next week look at all of the big sites you visit during your daily surfing and see how many use frames.

If you were a competitor I would definately tell you that frames were the way to go.

In case I'm wrong I would like anybody that has GOOD reasons for using frames to speak up.

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