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From Dale on 13 July '01
replying to FRAMES!!! posted by Jason

>Attention Everyone!!!
> Please tell Dale the downfalls of frames. He seems to have been mislead, and a three day listing on Yahoo...hmm. Please read below and let him know how things usually work. Thank you.

I know all about Frames,

Search engines can link directly to framed content documents, but they cannot link to the combinations of frames for which those content documents were designed. This is the result of a fundamental flaw in the design of frames.

Search engines try to provide their users with links to useful documents. Many framed content documents are difficult to use when accessed directly (outside their intended frameset), so there is little benefit if search engines offer links to them. Therefore, many search engines ignore frames completely and go about indexing more useful (non-framed) documents.

Search engines will index your <NOFRAMES> content, and any content that is accessible via your <NOFRAMES> content. Such content should be useful when accessed directly from a search-engine link.

And it did only take 3 days to get on Yahoo, the dont use spiders they look over the sites manually, other engines send out the spiders and I know that Google only updates its listing's Once a Month..

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