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From Dale on 13 July '01
replying to Re: FRAMES!!! posted by Rather not say

>>In case I'm wrong I would like anybody that has GOOD reasons for using frames to speak up.
>Ok, I'll speak up :)........ currently I have "a number" of web sites listed with yahoo (BTW Dale, my record so far for being listed is 3 hours and 38 minutes from time of submision to e-mailed acceptance). A lot of my sites now I write for specific search engines. It's virtually imposible to get one "home page" in the top three listings on every SE, but write 10 or 20 sites.......... :)
>Any way, about a year and a half ago a friend came up with a really "cool" idea for a framed based site. So I took a subsection of my "main" site and wrote a "mini website"......... Yahoo seemed to like it........ and now, well? It comes up #1 on Yahoo (and NO, not in google) for the 3 search terms it targets............ alas, it just doesn't seem to even be listed in any other search engines........ but then it was written and designed specificaly for Yahoo.

Some others posted they didnt believe my 3 day's to be listed, they most likely wont believe 3 hrs either, but they may be younger kids, who knows? I've had no problems with my frames, whats your ratio of being listed between frames and noframes, I won't be changing mine, just wondering.

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