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From Rather not say on 13 July '01
replying to Re: FRAMES!!! posted by Dale

How long it takes to get listed (assuming your site is accepted), only depends on how long it sits in the "que" before an editor has the opportunity to review it. If you happen to submit 5 seconds before an editor comes along, you can get listed in minutes. If it's days or weeks before an editor looks at it, well so be it. How fast you get listed in NO WAY is any bearing on how good your site is. While being listed in 3 hours, or 3 days is fun to gloat about, "it don't mean nothin" in the real world.

Other then the one site that I wrote SPECIFICALLY for a yahoo listing (and it does as well in Open Directory), I would NEVER write, nor expect a frame site to list well in a search engine (notice I said "search engine"). My main site is over 1200 web pages....... ALL of them, each and every page, is indexable by any and every search engine for what it is. "For what it is", that's and important thing to me. If someone wants "blue widgets", I have a page for "blue widgets"........ "red widgets"? got a separate page for that too.... all filled with information people want, and search engines love.

There's an old saying, probably before most web writers time..... What do you want, one million "hits" spending a total of $1? Or ONE hit spending ONE MILLION dollars???? (I think it was Jim of this site that originally told me this)

It's kind of funny, so many people think they can write web sites and get them listed well in the SE's. Yet so so many people leave out the one simple thing that can cause a #10 listing to make 1000 times the $'s that a #1 listing can make.

>Some others posted they didnt believe my 3 day's to be listed, they most likely wont believe 3 hrs either, but they may be younger kids, who knows? I've had no problems with my frames, whats your ratio of being listed between frames and noframes, I won't be changing mine, just wondering.

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