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Dale, you win.!!!
From Dale on 14 July '01
replying to Re: Dale, you win. We're convinced posted by Dale

>>Forget it. Dale's an obvious moron. What are these sites anyway? And, "Rather not say"? Dale, couldn't you have come up with a better name? Also, you should get "Spell Check" you monster web guru you. Well, back to the kiddy pool for me...
>Better Name?? Spell check works, you found some didnt you, thats a good job for you surf the net and go into forums and do some splel checking.
>Moron lol..why because I use frames and get listed??? or because you dont understand the concepts on how to get listed with frames without using the keywords in your Meta have alot to learn young fellow. Alot, explain to me how to get listed with frames and not using meta tag keywords, then I can see what you really know lol

And thats without using <noframes>
You may have to surf a while till you can even get close to the correct again

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