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Re: Different default URLs on the same server ????
From Muralidhar Reddy on 7 August '01
replying to Re: Different default URLs on the same server ???? posted by Inachu

Hi Inachu and all,

thanks for the reply...

it is something like this....
I have a single public IP. and two domain names pointing to the same ip at isp dns level. any hit coming to those names will be redirected to that IP. once it hits my box, my box should be able to resolve the request and send the appropriate page. How is this possible??? I dont want to use any ports on apache for doing this.

Thank you,

>Descibe the action you want this to be.
>This could be either java script or server side browser detection?
>Neen mmore info.
>>Hi All....
>>I am looking forward to configure two different default URLs on the same server without using different ports on the same apache. Instead using IP forwarding kind of stuff.....
>>Would anybody out there mind helping me out?????
>>Thanks in advance...

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