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Re H1 tag spacing
From T J Daniels at ''POETRY'' by: T. J. Daniels on 8 August '01
replying to H1 tag spacing posted by keith

>Hello everyone,
>I saw an old message for this in March's board history, but it
>didn't seem to offer any concrete ways of dealing with the
>spacing issue of <H1>, etc. tags.
>I'd like to start using <H1>, <H2>, etc. more, in order to
>optimize pages for search engines, but the spacing is driving me
>Even setting the padding and spacing to 0 doesn't help.
>Anyone have a suggestion for controlling the spacing of these?

Hi Keith. Not sure if this is what you're looking for or not. I
did a search for 'H1 tag spacing' and nothing came up. So did a
search on 'H1 tags' and got this result. If it's not what you
want, you can redefine your search. You'll find the search
'button' on the upper right. TJ

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