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Paid Bids, Paid Inclusions
From Cybereye at Meta Tags on 17 August '01
The following is basically stated, not hard & fast rules. For
your web site to compete, among other things, you will need to
enter into the various programs that are offered for paid
inclusions and paid bids, ie, altvista, goto, inktomi, jeeves,
google, yahoo, looksmart, sprinks, and others that you can
afford. It's necessary to do this because the competition is
doing it. Also, these database relationships are highly
incestuous, and, often, paying to be seen in one will get you
displayed in another. Paid inclusions may not assure high
rankings, like some paid bids, but will often get you listed near
the top of the page, under "partner sites...reviewed
sites...featured sites," etc.

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