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Re: Google Adwords
From R McGuinness at Personal Promotion on 23 August '01
replying to Google Adwords posted by Mark Willigerod

>Has anybody had any experience with Goggles Adwords Program? It
>seems to be a little risky but could pay off if you get some
>targeted words and have a good pulling ad. Let me know if
>anybody has used them and what their results were.


I've been involved with two Google Adword Programs:

I've got a 5% clickthrough with one reasonably competitive
keyword and the ad is resulting in decent sales. I carefully
constructed the parameters when the ad would be viewable and I'm
spending around $30 per month.

and another that didn't pull nearly as well, but we already had a
top five listing in Google for that keyword so it was probably a
waste of time anyway.

hope that helps


Rhonda McGuinness

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