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Re: uk fire-fighters need a little help with site
From Andrew on 17 Sept '01
replying to uk fire-fighters need a little help with site posted by FF carig macdouagll

perhaps repeating your meta tags SO MANY times is having a
negetive effect?

>Hi we are a bunch of uk fire-fighters working on a web site that
>we started off with the kids that come round here it has turned
>in to something very big what i mean is every one here has had
>his hand in it so there has been a lot of work put in so to the
>one's who have had no exsperience even in computers before we
>have come a long way.
>The problem we are getting is putting our site to search engines.
>we have submitted to so many site but nothing.
>What are we doing wrong?
>Are our meta tags ok?
>Is there a way to check your tags?
>Is there a easy way to submit your site?

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