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Re: uk fire-fighters here again
From Andrew on 20 Sept '01
replying to uk fire-fighters here again posted by craig

well???????? it's different.......... still need a bit though.

the top needs to look more like this;

<TITLE>fishermans companion, uk coarse fishing</TITLE>

<meta name="keywords" content="fishing in the u.k,
competitions,fishing bait,coarse fishing,Fishing, Angling, Bream,
Carp, Roach, Chub, Pike, Rudd, Eels, Tench, Perch, Rivers,
Canals, Pools, Freshwater fish, Water, Coarse, Coarse fishing,
groundbait, ground bait, method, feeder, feeders, polefloats,
pole floats, hooks, leadshots, lead shots, links, rods.">

<meta name="description" content="Fishing, this site explains all
you need

to learn to go coarse fishing in the uk">


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