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oops! forget this one above ^
From Andrew on 20 Sept '01
replying to Re: uk fire-fighters here again posted by Andrew

oops, forget this one

>well???????? it's different.......... still need a bit though.
>the top needs to look more like this;
><TITLE>title"content="fishermans companion, uk coarse fishing</TITLE>
><meta name="keywords" content="fishing in the u.k,
competitions,fishing bait,coarse fishing,Fishing, Angling, Bream,
>Carp, Roach, Chub, Pike, Rudd, Eels, Tench, Perch, Rivers,
>Canals, Pools, Freshwater fish, Water, Coarse, Coarse fishing,
>groundbait, ground bait, method, feeder, feeders, polefloats,
>pole floats, hooks, leadshots, lead shots, links, rods.">
><meta name="description" content="Fishing, this site explains all
you need
>to learn to go coarse fishing in the uk">

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