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Re: I love Google! Always use it.
From Lillee on 1 Oct '01
replying to I love Google! Always use it. posted by M0nK1e M3

Right ON! I feel the same way. Google just works better! Simple.

>Google is the best by far, all you sad computer boffs who think u know everything r just stoopid..."I tested Google in 10 different
>categories. For seven of them, it failed to put the largest, most comprehensive sites addressing the topic in the top ten listings..." Yeah well your a weener it all ways has the most related searches for me search egines like exite come up with loadz but they r all bollockz, if you search for something it comes up with about 100,000 crappy countries and the rest unrelated shit.
>I hate "Janine!"
>~M0nK1e M3~

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