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Re: FLASH site ratings
From Data Communiations at on 2 Oct '01
replying to Re: FLASH site ratings posted by Min

>Low cost Satellite, 2-way, internet access, high speed!!
Primus Telecommunications
High-Speed, Two-Way Internet Access via satellite

If you can see the southern sky and 9 out of 10 homes can you
can get Primus two-way, high-speed, Internet access.

Available virtually everywhere.

Two-way, high-speed Internet access, via satellite.

High-speed Internet access from the sky.

Get fast, always-on connections.

Tired of waiting for high-speed Internet access?

No DSL? No Problem!

Still waiting for high-speed Internet access? Your wait is over!

Recently, the demand has exceeded the supply for this new
technology, but we can deliver ASAP!

Download speeds often reach 500K with targeted peak time speeds
in excess of 150K. Peak time is weekday evenings and weekends.

Exterior Modem Featuring:

Two-Way Access. Save your phone for phone calls. Our service
sends AND receives all your Internet and e-mail communications
via satellite.

- No phone line required.

No Dial-Up Delays. Experience freedom from the delays of dial-up
and busy signals. Our service instantly connects you to where
you want to go on the Internet without dial-up delay or

High-Speed Internet Access. Enjoy blazing fast download speeds.
With our service, you can download files and e-mail messages up
to 10 times faster than dial-up.

Always-On Connection. Instantly go to where you want to go on
the Internet. No need to reconnect every time you want to surf
the web or check your e-mail.

Hassle-Free Connection. The connection choice is yours. Now you
can connect your satellite modem to your computer using either
standard Ethernet or USB (Universal Serial Bus).

Contact your local Primus Agents toll
free at 866-209-8376 or

visit us on the web at

(Enter agent code 13135)

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