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Re: google search engine ranking
From Dale on 7 Oct '01
replying to google search engine ranking posted by Jim Perry

>Is there a fast and easy way to find out where a particular site
>is listed in the google returns or do you have to go through all
>of the pages to try to locate it?
>I did a search on "Diana Ziliute". The site I am looking for is
> About a month and a half ago, it
>showed up out of nowhere in the #1 listed position. Why, I don't
>know. Then all of a sudden it disappeared from that position.
>Again, why, I don't know. The search gave 1990 returns, so it is
>not really practical to go through all of them to try to locate
>it. I gave up after 25.
>Jim Perry

Here's some links to look at,

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