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I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind
From dog8mybag at Dog8mybag Stoned Again Productions on 10 Oct '01
Hi, I was just surfing the mighty net and cruised on in. Im a
serious board freak. I hit them all. I have learned a lot from
message boards and have shared a lot of good info. I have time to
leave you with one.

I went in one of my websites editor and at the bottom of one of
the pages I put in capital Letters AUSTIN TEXAS , a week later i
started getting a ton of capital letter searches. The words
werent even related to AUSTIN TEXAS. Example:FUNNY ADULT PICS.

The site was a couple of years old and not one capital searched
KEYWORDS in my tracker. I put in one word completely in CAPS.

Boom the cap hits started coming in.

Moral To The Story, Put A Couple of words in caps in your text
and in your meta tags. Make sure you have a matching word in your
meta tags for the CAP you have in your text.

Earth--No Deposit No Return
Dog8mybag Stoned Again Productions 1998
Austin Texas USA 42069

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