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Re: I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind
From crash on 11 Oct '01
replying to Re: I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind posted by jwj

>>They are not intelligent, sentient and they do not *guess* what
>>you want -
>All a search engine does is GUESS what you want. They just guess
>differently. They are not nearly as presumptuous as humans but
>they are presumptuous in their own way.

No they don't. They are not capable. They are computer programs
written to match specific paramaters - paramaters coded by
humans. The humans may (and probably do) place different
variables within the code (with the hopes of providing more
relevant results).

If you type in Stella they will provide you with a list of sites
that contain the word Stella (with or without the cap's) - they
determine what they consider to be relevant based on vairious
factors - such as occurances of the word Stella on the page and
in the site - Other sites linking to the page/site that (in
Googles case specifically) rank highly (Page Rank)and way to much
more to mention here.

>On the SEARCHING end, a person can force case sensitivity
>Altivista returned the following:
>Stella We found 401,800 results
>"Stella" (in quotes) We found 401,800 results
>"stella" (in quotes) We found 318,999 results
>stella We found 401,800 results
>When you *force* the lowercase "s", you get narrower results.

Yes, to a degree you can *force* narrower results, mostly by
using the quotes - or a boolean inquiry, but how many users do
you think actual are aware of this option? How many even see the
'Advanced Search' option on most major engines? Not many. One of
the biggest flaws with search engines lies with the user - they
are not educated as a whole as to how to go about performing an
accurate search. Are they bad or wrong for this? NO.

>But google treated all of the above search terms the same.

You proved my point for me. Google is THE standard that which
all search engines aspire to be. Right or wrong, they provide (in
most cases) the most relevant results. AltaVista is a poor
example of anything at the moment as they themselves have been
obviously adjusting their algorythm for months in an attempt to
compete with Google.

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