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Re: I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind
From crash on 11 Oct '01
replying to Re: I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind posted by Andrew

>thats why I asked. I ran the same words, upper case then lower
>case though some search engines.......... got the exact same
>results each time.

Andrew - I do appologize for my rough *speech*. I get really
peeved when I read hogwash such as was posted. It really is
nothing but Disinformation. Unfortunately this kind of rubbish
makes it's way around the net (similar to that *telephone* game
kids play) and gets distorted. I receintly read a post were
someone stated that he paid an SEO firm 2k for 200 doorway pages.
The painful/frustrating part is that what the client received for
his money will get his site banned within 60 days. This will mean
that he will have to start over. This type of unethical practice
and information regurtation makes not only me, but my peers who
are honestly interested in this field look bad. I don't do it for
the money, I do it for the challenge - as many true SEO's do.
(Though I would be lying if I said the money was not important ;)

Most engines are not case sensitive. AltaVista is one of the few
left that is - and it is looking like it will not be for much
longer. Most users type in either all lower case, or with cap
locks on - not proper grammer. So to provide relevant results
they cannot take caps into account. - again, AV is changing it's
algo (if you follow this engine as closely as myself and my peers
have been, it is quite obvious)

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