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Re: I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind
From Inachu at on 24 Oct '01
replying to Re: I accidentally started getting more hits-Blew My Mind posted by crash

I agree with your statement and depending on the search engine
used it could just be temporary and the hits will be gone soon.

But I do know that many people type in the url with their caps
lock turned on(another sign of an internet newbie.)

Again if you newbies haven't found out as of yet that:

A. Unix based webservers accept upper and lower and most of the
time can or can't tell the difference to upper versus lower

(depends on how you set up the server.)

B. if a site ended in just htm then its most likely was made on a
windows 3.x machine since windows 3.x only accepts extention up
to a max of three such as index.htm Or it could be a old habit
that never went away and they never caught on to use the full
.html extension which really makes no difference at all.

But it is good to change your meta tags if your main body of
information changes as well. So perhaps this is what happened.

Or what could have happened was that if it was hotbot or google
or infoseek then they have instituted the rolling search as to
give all sites to be listed by keyword. Rolling as in one month
you are in 23rd position and next month you are in 3rd place...

So the more relevance of your keywords then the more hits you
truly will get.

You say you got hits even though people type in other phrases not
related to your keywords then this can be the rolling effect
trying to catch a wide audience to influence them. This is mostly
the SE's doing and not based entirely on your choice of keywords.

Good Luck!


>>>I went in one of my websites editor and at the bottom of one of
>>>the pages I put in capital Letters AUSTIN TEXAS , a week later i
>>>started getting a ton of capital letter searches. The words
>>>werent even related to AUSTIN TEXAS. Example:FUNNY ADULT PICS.
>>>The site was a couple of years old and not one capital searched
>>>KEYWORDS in my tracker. I put in one word completely in CAPS.
>>>Boom the cap hits started coming in.
>>>Moral To The Story, Put A Couple of words in caps in your text
>>>and in your meta tags. Make sure you have a matching word in your
>>>meta tags for the CAP you have in your text.
>Wanna share some proof. I find this highly unlikely as search
>engines for the most part are not case sensitive. Even if they
>are, they are not going to feed your site unless your site
>contains the actual phrase requested. It is flat out impossible.
>They are not intelligent, sentient and they do not *guess* what
>you want - they can only read raw data and *match* words - you
>can't even get a misspelling unless you actually use the
>This kind of disinformation is quite sad - and if you actually
>believe it, I pity you.

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