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Re: PHP vs ASP
From 2L on 31 Oct '01
replying to Re: PHP vs ASP posted by nulled

>Ok here are some reasons why PHP is better than ASP.
>1) Portability. Concider this. Would you rather learn ASP which is windows based only. Or PHP which is EVERY OS based. Concidering apache has 58% of the market share of webservers running on Liunx boxes, PHP is the clear choice. And you will get that many more contracts as there are more jobs in PHP. ( You can always boats you know ASP to clients and use the PHP to ASP converteer and finish off the convertion by hand. ;)
>2) If you are a C programmer, PHP will be "cake" to learn. It uses the same syntax with { } curly braces, where as ASP is a Visual Basic syntax language and to me a bitch to learn cuz I am a C programmer. Also the C style syntax looks to be the dominate style and here to stay. ( IE Java and C# are both following the C syntax why not ASP... cuz M$ is a freak of a company)
>3) PHP is easy to install, has TONS and TONS of free scripting code available.
>4) I am not sure if ASP allows this but you can actually create C++ style CLASSES! and Memeber functions! Once you start using PHP you will start to feel more and more like you are programming in a high level language then a scripting language.
>5) All the <stdio.h> functions that C uses, PHP uses and more. So, you dont have to go and remember the names of all the functions. They are all there if you know C. strcmp(), strstr(), printf(), etc.
>6) PHP is SO SO SO easy to mix with HTML. Example if you want to print a PHP variable in some html you do this <?=$myVar?> thats it!
>I could go on and on about how much PHP is SO much better than ASP. Its like this... a great language was born in 1970 called C. And has stuck around since. Why change the syntax? PHP hasnt yet ASP tried to be its own animal changing up syntax like programmers need the extra burden.
>long live PHP and may ASP rot in hell. :)

Your an idiot.

1st of all, yes, coming from a C background....PHP makes more
sense. Coming from a VB background, as ASP is based on it, so it
makes sense. Try getting a VB programmer to PHP is gunna be like
getting a C++'r to ASP.

You could go the path of Cold Fusion and make a Markup which
isn't based on ANY existing language. Thats fun.

1 - You could learn ASP and use ASP -> PHP converters.
2 - See above. C++ -> PHP is as easy as VB -> ASP
3 - I know which ones been easier to install each time I've done
either. And it ain't fscking PHP

4 - It depends what you want to be able to achieve with the
programming as to wether or not this will be useful anwyays. And
if you go into high end ASP u can do pretty much anything anwyasy

5 - ASP is based on VB....u have all the VB functions there
6 - ASP is <% Response.Write(varname) %>...Do some fscking research

Get off your Linux-elitist high-horse and actually think about
things logically u moron. I had the same "'s M$'s
gunna bl0w" approach to ASP before I used it too, then I started
using it (was forced to learn for a client) TWO DAYS later, I had
a full database driven ordering system set up and running. 2 days
after starting PHP, I was still trying to get it installed and

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