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From W.J. Mencarow on 11 Feb '99
I just received an (unsolicited) e-mail advertising a method to hide HTML from all except search engines, for $99. Here's what they say:

"When  visitors in your site attempt to view your html code they see the html code for that page (your regular page). But  that would not be the html code that the search engines index to score your page. Your optimized html code to score high on the search engines would be on a page (lets call it the "optimized html code page")  hiding on your server that the visitors to your site will never see...unless the visitor is a search engine spider. Only the search engine spider will get to see this "optimized html code page". The job of the script is to use the database of IP addresses of the search engines to identify when your visitor is a search engine spider. When it is, then the script feeds in your hidden page that you optimized. But if the visitor is anybody else then the script feeds in your regular page."

Obviously this would be useful to keep people, esp. competitors, from copying your keywords and other clever ideas that have rocketed you to the top of all search engines (well, someday).

But I am skeptical of this because if it was any good Jim Rhodes would have it available already. Anyone know what the catch is?

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