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Re: Search buttion
From Anthony on 3 Nov '01
replying to Re: Search buttion posted by T J Daniels

>>I am currently using microsofts web brouser.. I have a problem..
>>I have a search buttion that usually loads a desegnated website..
>>Now somehow its changing to this other site evertime i click the
>>search button.. Why is it doing this.. I reseted my brouser
>>setings it works untill i reboot.. Were do they store this file
>>to forcefully edit the webpage that button responds to???
>Anthony, At the top of the IE browser, click on Tools, scroll
>down to and click on Internet Options. There you can set your
>Home Page.

No.. I am talking about the search button.. The home is fine..
Its the search.. Microsoft i do not believe gave me a option to
modify the search button??

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