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Re: Search buttion
From Inachu on 5 Nov '01
replying to Re: Search buttion posted by Anthony


This is in the registry and some third party aps let you change this.

System mechanic I believe has the tweak for this as well as for
those super TWEAKUI third party apps as well work pretty nicely
for editing the url but its better to let the third party apps do
this as I once edited it by hand(I forgot the registry location.)
and it never worked again.

Visit and search for tweak programs in the
utilities page.

>>>I am currently using microsofts web brouser.. I have a problem..
>>>I have a search buttion that usually loads a desegnated website..
>>>Now somehow its changing to this other site evertime i click the
>>>search button.. Why is it doing this.. I reseted my brouser
>>>setings it works untill i reboot.. Were do they store this file
>>>to forcefully edit the webpage that button responds to???
>>Anthony, At the top of the IE browser, click on Tools, scroll
>>down to and click on Internet Options. There you can set your
>>Home Page.
>No.. I am talking about the search button.. The home is fine..
>Its the search.. Microsoft i do not believe gave me a option to
>modify the search button??

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