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Re: PHP and search engine indexing
From Mike at ThePowerHour on 6 Nov '01
replying to Re: PHP and search engine indexing posted by Milana

These days, Google and one or two other major engines will index
them, along with PDF documents as well.

>Jeff, when I studied the subject of SE submissions and optimization, I remember reading about ASP pages (since I had some ASP scripts running, I was concerned). What most SE policies said is that they can't index any URL that contains "?" symbols that usually mean a query is being run.
>In other words, a simple index.asp would work, while index.asp?id=3 would not. I am assuming it is the same with PHP, but since I have never programmed in this language, it is only a guess.
>Milana Nastetskaya
>"65 Instant Web Design Answers"

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